Rae Morris Brushes: Follow-up Review

I wanted to write a follow-up review on the recent brush purchases I made from Rae Morris’s new brush collection. Having excitedly blogged about these brushes, I wanted to share my thoughts.

When I was thinking of buying these brushes, there was precious little information about them on the internet. This made it difficult to decide whether or not to invest in them. However, there are 3 amazing people who took the time and effort to review the entire set of 27 brushes in great detail, in a much better way than I ever could, and I want to mention them here. Anyone interested in these brushes should watch/read their reviews. These people really know their stuff when it comes to makeup and brushes, and I promise you, it will help you to make a decision as to whether or not to invest in them.


The first is the lovely Sonia. Her blog, Sweet Make up Temptations, is absolutely brilliant. She writes the most amazing reviews; really detailed, with helpful product comparisons, and lots of pictures. Her blog is like a bible for me! She has reviewed the Rae Morris brushes in detail here (complete with a chart of the size and weight of each brush), here (a very helpful and in-depth follow-up review), and here (the review of the radiance brush that had me reaching for my wallet to order it immediately!). While you’re on her website, check out her post about her makeup brushes.


The second is the gorgeous Jodi. She has a blog too, but her outstanding and incredibly helpful overview and review of the Rae Morris brushes were posted on her YouTube channel, Goo Roo Beauty. (She is a fantastic reviewer; she really goes all out to test products, and gives really long, detailed, helpful reviews. I always watch her videos while I am training with my kettlebells! On the day she posted the Rae Morris brush review, I was late for work, because I just had to watch it all immediately!)


The third is the brilliant Wayne Goss. He has a deservedly large following on his 2 YouTube channels, on which he posts tutorials and reviews. He is humble, honest, straight-to-the-point, and very down-to-earth, and having followed him for some time, I really trust his judgment. His reviews on the Rae Morris brushes can be found here and here, and in this tutorial, he uses a few of the brushes.


So if you want to know more about these brushes, check out Sonia, Jodi and Wayne’s reviews; they have done a much better job than I ever could. I only have 3 of the brushes, so here are my thoughts below:


No 27: Radiance Brush

This is the most extraordinary foundation brush I have ever used; it is just amazing. I have no idea how it works, but it just produces the most beautiful, airbrushed finish. It is fairly dense, but still very soft. The bristles are very flexible, and it deposits just the right amount of foundation on the skin, leaving an even, unstreaky finish. It does shed a little, but as it is new, this is to be expected. I have super-dry skin, and I am wary of any brushes that may micro-exfoliate the skin, as I do not need any more flakiness; I needn’t worry about that with this brush. It is soft enough not to flake up my skin, and the finish is just unbelievable. It looks big and scary, but it is definitely not too big, and it is easy and comfortable to hold and use. In fact, the size means that foundation application is very quick. I agree with Sonia on this one; if I had to choose one foundatin brush, this would be it.


No 4: Square Kabuki Brush

I was intrigued by the shape of this brush, and I am so pleased I purchased it. It is a real multi-tasker. It can be used for highlighting the tops of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, under the eybrow. It can be used for contouring under cheekbones or down the sides of the nose. It can also be used for powdering; I have never been a fan of huge powder brushes. I prefer to apply powder with a puff and flick off the excess with a much smaller brush; the Square Kabuki brush is perfect for this. It is also small enough to use to blend out the edges of eyeshadow. I also love using it as a finishing brush, to ensure that all the makeup is blended properly, and that no harsh edges remain. It is a perfect brush to keep in your makeup bag for most touch-ups you would need throughout the day.


No 6: Pro Blender Brush

I actually use this for much the same purpose as the Square Kabuki brush. It is brilliant for powdering, blending and highlighting. I also sometimes use it for a more precise blush application, with a more sheer-textured blush, and it is excellent for this purpose, too. I particularly love it for blending out the edges of eyeshadow, as a final once-over.


All in all, I absolutely love these brushes. I definitely chose wisely, and it has left me wanting to order more! I am interested in the eye blending brushes; I can never resist an interesting-looking blending brush!


If anyone knows of any other reviews on these brushes, please post a link below!