A Comparison of some Hakuhodo J Series Eye Brushes

I have been asked for my opinion on some of the Hakuhodo J Series eye brushes; specifically if there is a good multi-purpose brush that can be used for applying and blending an eyeshadow base/cream eyeshadow as well as undereye concealing.


Here is a picture of a few Hakuhodo brushes I think work for both these purposes, alongside the J142 and its little sister, the J146, which I do not consider suitable for these purposes:


Hakuhodo Brushes, top to bottom: J5523, J214, J513, J214R, J142, J146, J122R


As you can see, the J142 and J146 are much thinner. They are also tapered, and this really makes them more suitable for blending out the very edges of eyeshadow. The other brushes are more suitable for covering the eyelids with product and blending out the edges, and also for undereye concealing.


There is one Hakuhodo brush that is a similar shape to these 2 brushes, which could be used for applying colour all over the lids, blending out the edges, and applying undereye concealer. (I personally wouldn’t use it for undereye concealer, but I know some people like this type of brush for that purpose.) This is the J5533. It is the same size as the J142, but it it less pointed and more fluffy. I once queried the difference between the 5533 and the 142 with Hakuhodo, and they said that the 142 is better for blending out edges, while the 5533 can be used for all over colour as well. I would agree with this, although the difference is very slight, and it is only because I have so many brushes that I am so selective about which brush I use for which purpose.


I can’t find my J5533, so here is a comparison of the S142 and the G5533. These are exactly the same as their J Series counterparts, but with blue squirrel hair, rather than goat hair:


Hakuhodo brushes, top to bottom: S142, G5533


Hakuhodo brushes, top to bottom: S142, G5533


The J122R is a great multi-purpose brush. It has an angled tip, and if you can work with this shape, it is great for blending out the colour through the socket line. There is a smaller equivalent, the J125R, as well. It is a blend of goat and synthetic hair, and the duo fibre makes it great for softly blending without wiping off the colour you have already applied. I also find that the Hakuhodo goat/synthetic hair blended brushes work really well for applying more textured cream products, such as the Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows, or any glittery products. I also use this for undereye concealing, and it is excellent for that. I think that for anyone looking for an eye brush that can multi-task between cream and powder products, and both apply and blend products, this is one of the best I have come across. If you like smaller brushes, go for the J125R, which is its little sister.


Equally good for exactly the same purposes is the J214R. It comes down to personal preference for size and shape. The J214R is bigger and more rounded. It is a duo fibre version of the J214, but more versatile. The 214 is great for blending together a big eye look and also works for undereye concealer. However, the J214 works well with textured products and creates a more airbrushed look when blending undereye concealer.


The J513 is another option. This brush also has a little sister, the J515. I prefer working with larger brushes, but again, this is personal preference. I bought this because I love the shape; it has a very steep angle. It is not a duo fibre brush, but can be used for applying an all-over lid colour, blending, and its sharp angle makes it ideal for fitting into the crevices beneath the eye and blending concealer. You can use side of the brush with the longest hairs to gently blend away edges. I particularly like this brush for contouring down the sides of the nose.


Here is the J122R next to the J513:

Hakuhodo brushes, top to bottom: J122R, J513


Here are some of the brushes again, close up:


Hakuhodo brushes, left to right: J122R, J146, J5523, J214R, J513. In the background: J214


Hakuhodo brushes, left to right: J122R, J146, J5523 (on its side), J214R, J513


I was asked specifically to compare the J214R and the J146, alongside a Mac 217. I have compared them with a J5523, which is really the same size.


Hakuhodo brushes, top to bottom: J5523, J214R, J146


Hakuhodo brushes, left to right: J146,J5523, J214R


Hakuhodo brushes, left to right: J146, J5523 (shown on its side), J214R


I hope this is helpful for anyone who has been looking for a good multi-purpose eye/concealer brush.